LexRex is 10: a 5 minute journey through a decade of my legal PR business


My legal PR business LexRex Communications is ten. Which feels crazy, because surely it’s only five minutes since I flounced (ok not really) out of my final law firm fee earning role and straight into the pub which I’m fairly sure kickstarted, or perhaps simply marked the start of quite a significant quarter-life crisis. How […]

Media relations is dead? Long live media relations…

Woman reading a newspaper

Media relations typically form an essential cornerstone in any PR project or retainer. Historically, agencies have put their clients into the media spotlight to promote, raise profile, respond to negative publicity, repair reputations and create thought leaders and indeed thought leadership. Done well, media relations can be extremely powerful; enabling lawyers and indeed the broader […]

Top PR Tips for Lawyers: How to become a media relations expert

Man standing in a TV new studio

How to become a media expert – if only the answer to that question was easy. Well, in some ways, it is. The route to becoming a media expert isn’t particularly complicated, and it’s certainly not some magical dark PR art. It is quite simply a combination of some or all of the following: 1. […]

Presenting yourself on video calls, meetings and broadcast interviews from home

Robert Kelly interrupted by family mid broadcast interview

Now that face to face meetings are out for the foreseeable future, how confident are you about your ability to present your best self via video whether it’s calls, meetings or broadcast interviews? Expert tips from ex-BBC media trainer and PR expert. We are faced with working very differently whilst juggling uncertainty and family needs whilst […]

Communicating during change and crisis: PR Advice for Law Firms

Phone off the o

Last week LexRex Communications MD Victoria was on the phone to clients to reassure them that, even with the anticipated school closures, the team would be continuing to support and to check-in on their plans with regards to what they should be saying to their clients; in particular how to reassure, provide information and update […]

A year to remember – LexRex does 2019

2019 highlights merry christmas

As the festive season draws near we’re pretty amazed by the year that we’ve had – celebrating 7 years in business, new team members and record breaking year of PR coverage for our clients and more. We’re looking forward to an exciting 2020 and in true PR style we couldn’t leave 2019 without sharing some […]

Our morning In Conversation with Chambers and Partners

In conversation with panel event

We have been threatening a series of events for the legal sector for quite a while now, and earlier in the year we actually started planning how these might look, and the value they could deliver to our clients and others in northern legal market. As the only specialist legal communications agency outside of London, […]

Should we DIY our PR? Advice for law firms…

DIY Black and white tools on a wall

Should we DIY our PR? Advice for law firms… Honestly, I’m not going to lie to you – I WON’T tell you that DIY PR for your law firm isn’t for you. Why not? Well because for some firms, it makes sense to DIY their comms, at least in the short term. So what are […]

Legal PR and high street law firms: 5 great tips

I don’t often write legal PR content aimed at high street firms, as until recently, our focus has been boutiques. However, things have changed and we’re now pleased to be working with those behemoths of the British legal market, and accordingly, I’d like to share some of my expertise in these PR tips. 1. Access […]

Legal PR: Choosing the best PR agency for your law firm

People holding a meeting

When it comes to selecting an agency to deliver legal PR for your law firm, the choices, budgets and levels of service available can be bewildering. So how to go about selecting an agency that will meet your requirements, deliver what they promise and keep your partners happy? 1. Consider competence… Any PR agency offering […]