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Award wins provide external validation, operate as kitemarks for quality and excellence, and provide ample opportunities for celebration.

Pursuing multiple award wins can prove to be an excellent marketing tactic for an individual, team or law firm. But there are awards, and then there are awards. It is important to be strategic, identifying those with a credible reputation, decided by independent judges, not those decided by arbitrary voting or influenced by which entrant bought the biggest table.

We only ever advocate or draft award submissions for awards that we hold in high regard, and which are independently and rigorously judged. Our award drafting service puts your firm and work at its heart. We can advise which awards to enter, and those to avoid. We will then draft submissions that showcase your expertise. It is unusual for our submissions not to reach the shortlist or to win.

When you reach the shortlist and if you win, we can also advise and deliver effective supporting marketing strategies to help you to make the most of your achievements.

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To find out more about our awards services, and to get a copy of our awards calendar, book a discovery call with Victoria today.

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