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Presenting yourself on video calls, meetings and broadcast interviews from home

Now that face to face meetings are out for the foreseeable future, how confident are you about your ability to present your best self via video whether it’s calls, meetings or broadcast interviews?

  1. Expert tips from ex-BBC media trainer and PR expert. We are faced with working very differently whilst juggling uncertainty and family needs whilst working from home during constant changes with very little time to prepare.
  2. For many, dialling into video calls was an infrequent occurrence taking place in one of the office meeting rooms. Being ready for regular video calls, meetings and potentially broadcast interviews whilst working from home can be stressful and hard to manage when you’re not confident or prepared.
  3. However, some straight-forward tips, preparation and practice can get you ready and confident.

    One-hour webinar for lawyers

  4. We are planning a one-hour webinar for lawyers with an ex-BBC media trainer to do just this. It will cover:

    1. How to come across well on camera
    2. What to wear and some appearance basics
    3. How to set up your workspace to look as professional as your usual office
    3. Video etiquette and some important ‘don’ts’

    As ever with LexRex Communications training, the webinar will be expert, hands on steps with real time advice and practice during the session – yes we WILL turn the camera onto each delegate.

    At the end of the session you will come away with:

    1. Confidence in your ability to run video calls professionally
    2. A video-call ready space in your home office
    3. Knowledge that will enable you to look and sound great on screen

    Limited to 5 Places
    Get in touch to reserve as soon as possible as we are limiting spaces to just 5 places. The webinar will operate under Chatham House rules. As with all LexRex training we provide a safe professional space to get specific advices relevant to you and your practice area.

    The session will be run by our MD Victoria Moffatt and our regular ex-BBC media trainer Fiona, and guarantees to be expert tailored advice. Our joint media training sessions get 100% recommendation rate and fantastic feedback.

Get in touch directly with us here at LexRex Communications via email or call 0161 393 6121



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