How to win a law firm award: LexRex top tips for winning legal awards

Champagne bottle and glasses on legal awards night

How to win a law firm award? LexRex MD and founder Victoria Moffatt’s top tips for winning legal awards Awards season is very much upon us and if you have ‘win an award’ on your to do list, but you’re not quite sure what to do next, read on for our top tips for bagging […]

Does PR support HR?

Person reading a news paper

Courtesy of Barclays, on Thursday 19th January in Manchester and Wednesday 22nd February in Liverpool, I’ll be speaking to lawyers about why I think strong and effective PR can support the HR function in its role, specifically when it comes to recruitment and retention. These events run monthly, each time with a different specialist in […]

LexRex is recruiting for a PR account manager

Photo of the LexRex PR and Marketing team and PR account managers

European royalty, inventors, multimillionaire entrepreneurs, suspected murderers, people who have lost capacity, children who have suffered traumatic birth injuries, individuals who are going through divorce or separation. The above are all examples of the type of people our law firm clients work with. At LexRex we are recruiting for a PR Account Manager. So if […]

LexRex is 10: a 5 minute journey through a decade of my legal PR business


My legal PR business LexRex Communications is ten. Which feels crazy, because surely it’s only five minutes since I flounced (ok not really) out of my final law firm fee earning role and straight into the pub which I’m fairly sure kickstarted, or perhaps simply marked the start of quite a significant quarter-life crisis. How […]

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