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Not a law firm? Not a problem… Why LexRex is a great choice for suppliers to the legal sector

It’s true to say that LexRex was built upon law firms, specifically boutique law firms. It’s no secret that I (Victoria Moffatt, founder and MD of LexRex – hi!) love to work with boutique law firms, or as they are sometimes known, specialist law firms. Why do I love them so much? Because they tend to be:

  1. Led by founders who are dynamic, engaged and understand the importance and power of strong PR and a good brand.
  2. Specialist – they know what they are good at, they know what they do, who they work with, the future work that they want to attract and the team they need to get them there.
  3. They are fun to work with! Because they have a niche, I can get into the weeds with them, and get to understand what they do, in a lot of depth. Basically, with these clients, I can totally geek out.
  4. They like to outsource the stuff they know that they need but are sensible enough to realise they can’t do as easily, profitably or quickly as they can build a successful law firm.

If this sounds like you but you’re not a boutique or specialist law firm, the good news is we work with bigger law firms too (in particular – for specialist teams or for legal directories consultancy and support). And we also work with other businesses, quite often suppliers to the legal sector.

Why LexRex is a great choice for suppliers to the legal sector

Again, these clients tend to have a real niche, specialism or sector focus. They are interesting, dynamic and sell something that lawyers need or want. They come to us knowing that our expertise is the legal sector. They trust that we know our clients (we do), that we know about the law (we do) and that we will be generous in sharing that knowledge to help them to become more successful in selling to lawyers (surprise, surprise – we do!)

So, if you are a business supporting the legal sector, or aiming to start selling to the legal sector – how can we help?

  1. We can work with you to map out a marketing strategy specifically for the individuals you want to sell to within the legal sector. If necessary, we can test your assumptions about potential clients, and help to define your target audiences. We can help to create strategies that reach and engage these potential clients and help you to convert them into paying customers.
  2. Once we’ve mapped out your strategy, you can either deliver this yourself (no hard feelings), or we can support where your in-house team has gaps (this is usually media relations or content creation) or we can also run the whole thing for you.
  3. If you don’t have the budget or desire to enter a retainer-type agreement, we can support you on a project-by-project basis (works well for awards submissions or media relations announcements – such as new starters, M&A announcements, other good news stories) or on a slightly longer term campaign basis – works well for regional focus, launches, theme-led activities. Essentially, there’s usually a payment framework to fit your budget, needs and desires.

Another reason we work so well with suppliers is that we tend to know lots of the same people that you know – other suppliers, lawyers and others in and around the legal sector. We have a good name in the market and we’re known for the quality of our work.

Victoria Moffatt

As the saying goes ‘nobody ever got sacked for buying IBM’. I like to think that the same applies to LexRex. So if you run a supplier business with aims to penetrate the legal sector, or if you’re already part of the lovely legal sector community – drop me a line, and let’s chat about how we can support your plans. You can contact me via email or connect with me on LinkedIn and message me directly.



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