LexRex Chambers and Partners Toolkit

Why should you invest in our Chambers Toolkit?

1. Money

We know, because we draft them, that directories submissions take a minimum of 2 days to complete. In fact, we tend to say that it’s two days of our time, and two days of our clients’ time. If you are asking a fee earner at £200 p/h to draft them, that’s £3000 of fees you’re losing right there PER SUBMISSION. Just think about how much you are spending if you submit for 5 categories. I’ll tell you: £15,000. Our Chambers Toolkit (starting from £395 + vat) will enable you to create effective submissions much more quickly. That will save you £££.

2. Time

Time is money. Our Toolkit contains a wide range of tips, templates and precedents, a time frame planner and really helpful videos of the Chambers team talking about what they want from your submissions. Because our advice and practical tools are at your fingertips, you can complete your submissions much more quickly.

3. Improved rankings

We know what the directories teams want, because we’ve spent years creating submissions. Our Toolkit literally contains a recipe for success for stronger submissions. We have even included advice on how to analyse whether your team or firm is working at the level required to get you ranked.

4. How to do better next year

If you didn’t get in or go up this year *remember Chambers launches on Thursday 22nd* again, our Toolkit can help. We give detailed advice on what to do if you were disappointed this year, and how to prepare and improve your prospects for next year.

5. Review service

We haven’t stopped at the Toolbox. We will also review your submission and provide detailed feedback on how to improve it. You can access this service from just £125 + vat per submission. Why are you still here? You should be getting in touch to order your Toolkit now.

Why is it called the Chambers Toolkit?

We call it the Chambers Toolkit because Chambers and Partners is the directory that firms typically struggle to gain or improve their rankings. However the information is equally applicable to both Chambers and Legal 500 submissions, and should enable you to duplicate copy across both easily.

Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners submission drafting services

In addition to our Chambers Toolkit, we also offer a full consultancy and drafting service. You can find out more about our submissions service here. Get in touch to discuss your 2020 legal directories requirements and order your Chambers Toolkit.


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