LexRex: Trusted Partner webinar – Back to the office Part 2: HR considerations for returning staff

Our latest initiative, LexRex: Trusted Partner was created at the start of lockdown to support law firm leaders and their teams – aiming to provide insightful, useful content from experts across a range of different specialisms.

We really wanted Trusted Partner to provide genuine insight, not simply light-touch advice. We listened carefully to the concerns and worries of our clients and friends who run law firms and used this information to create helpful content and advice. You can check out the video of previous webinars on the blog.

Our more recent webinars have focussed upon the challenges of bringing people back to work – covering the  physical (risk and compliance) and legislative (HR) sides of things. Today we are sharing Part 2 of the series; the HR aspects of bringing people back.

Part 3 (coming soon) will discuss the communications side of things – including how to engage with staff who have ‘gone quiet’ and how to handle the sometimes competing needs of the business vs those of your team.

We are delighted to now share our webinar: Back to the office Part 2: HR considerations for returning staff:



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