Introducing… LexRex Trusted Partner

What is LexRex Trusted Partner?

A couple of weeks ago, when panic buying loo roll was still very much a ‘thing’ and our heads were all spinning; I sat down to try to work through all the mind bending Coronavirus effects on both LexRex and our partner law firms.

One thing was obvious to me very quickly; lockdown was going to have a catastrophic effect on a number of areas; straight-away and with long-term effect. Property, M&A and other transactional areas would be the first hit. Others perhaps deemed ‘non-essential for right now’ such as family law, immigration, PI and clinical negligence would be affected. Some, such as wills and probate and employment would probably do well in the immediate term but could well suffer once those crisis transactions had completed. I think broadly what I’d anticipated is now playing out in firms across the UK.

Clearly communications and media relations would continue to be important for the leaders starting to look beyond and plan for the post-Coronavirus world, but survival would be very much the order of the day for the majority.

To this end, and throughout the period that lockdown continues to provide such challenging trading conditions (maybe even beyond); LexRex will create and share content that goes above and beyond communications and marketing consultancy. We are calling this initiative LexRex: Trusted Partner.

The plan is to work closely with external organisations, usually people we have longstanding relationships with (so we know they are good at what they do) to create useful, relevant and highly applicable content and advice to try to support law firm leaders during these strange times.

You may have attended our first LexRex: Trusted Partner webinar on Thursday 23rd April. If not,¬† during this session, Sara Hutton of Sara Hutton Consulting¬† walked us through the requirements of the government backed loan / Coronavirus business interruption loan scheme / CBILS; providing great detail on the evidence required for a successful application, timeframes, short-cuts, the nuances between the different bank application schemes and lots, lots more. We’ll be releasing a video of the session very soon (it will be hosted on the LexRex blog).

We will try to create at least one piece of content per week. Webinars are likely to feature heavily, but we are also looking into white papers, checklists, advisory blogs and more.

LexRex: Trusted Partner represents what we strive to achieve for our clients. We want to be the partner they turn to in difficult times and accordingly this current initiative is simply an extension of that aim. I really hope that the content we share will help not only our clients (who will naturally be receiving more than those of you who aren’t (yet) on the books) but also provides a voice of reason and leadership for a wide range of law firms for the foreseeable future.

I’ll finish on that note by simply saying that my advice currently is to maintain, and be ready to grow. And look out for more from LexRex: Trusted Partner over the following weeks.



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