Fifteen strategic questions that will get you started for legal directories season

One of the best ways to start legal directories planning is by thinking quite broadly about your role, those of your colleagues, and your team and/or firm’s aims for the next 12 months.

Below is a list of questions to get you started. It may, on face value, seem like a waste of your precious time to go through these, but actually by considering the role of directories listings within the broader objectives of the firm, the challenges you may face and your own role; you can start to think more strategically about what you as an individual, team and firm are trying to achieve.

The following questions are intended to get you thinking about where your role ‘sits ’ within the firm, as well as what you can influence and control, and what falls outside of your responsibility or influence. Identifying these things early on can help you to plan effectively and hopefully reduce the stress of the process.

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