LexRex and 2020… a retrospective

2020 has been, let’s be honest, interesting.

A global pandemic, significant curbs on our freedoms, lack of contact with friends and loved ones, schools closed for months at a time, so many deaths, long COVID. The list of negatives is seemingly endless.

And from a business perspective, yep pretty dodgy in some ways too.

However. Not all bad news and doom and gloom from us. In 2020 we…

  1. Launched a webinar series called Trusted Partner. We helped our clients and the broader legal community by becoming a source of trusted information.

2. Almost tripled the size of our mailing list as a result of Trusted Partner. We are now in touch with many, many more lawyers and marketers in law firms as a result.

3. Turned our face-to-face networking event – An Audience with Chambers and Partners – into a Zoom webinar, and tripled our audience size as a result

4. Created from scratch and rolled out our Chambers Toolkit in around 8 weeks. It has 18 chapters. It’s informative, clients love it.

5. Brought in media relations work with two new clients – one we’ve never worked with previously, the other was last a client in 2014.

6. Lost a lot of work initially, but have subsequently come back up to almost pre-COVID levels.

7. Dramatically increased our pipeline. Our prospects list is healthier than it has been in years.

8. Really proud of this one – kept everybody busy and paid. We don’t have employees so there was no requirement for me to pay anybody. But I did. Go me.

9. Stayed sane. Only half-joking about this. There were some very dark days. There were tears – during team meetings – just the once.

10. Stuck by my COVID-maxim “Maintain… and be ready to grow”.

So 2020, in many ways I won’t be sorry to see you go. In others, I can look back and say that this was the year that not only tested but perhaps also made me. I also recognise that I am very, very lucky to have an outstanding team but also that things could have been so, so very much worse.

Let’s see what 2021 brings. Seasons Greetings everybody. See you on the other side.


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