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A couple of weeks ago we started to promote our Legal Directories Audit to subscribers of our exclusive directories newsletter, the Directories Bulletin. The audit is aimed at law firm marketing managers and partners with responsibility for managing or drafting Chambers and Legal 500 submissions and is essentially a free 30 minute chat with LexRex managing director and founder, Victoria Moffatt. The issues raised in the audits we have completed so far have been varied and unpredictable. We’re finding that the listed lawyers really value their rankings, but perhaps aren’t always as keen as they should be to engage with the actual submission process. That can be frustrating for marketing managers who feel pressure to create outstanding submissions, but without the necessary support to make this happen. Newer entrants to the market are keen to make their presence known, so expect an influx of these boutique and younger practices to start to make a dent in the rankings over the coming years. There is frustration that neither Legal 500 nor Chambers have released their research schedule yet – although Chambers has confirmed that there will be no deadlines earlier than mid-December 2020. Some marketing managers are furloughed – those subject to part-time furlough are feeling hamstrung in that their workload doesn’t appear to have reduced along with their salary and hours. As we know, directories are pretty time-consuming, so strategic decisions will need to be made where firms are asking their marketing and BD teams to stand down. As is probably clear, we work with a wide range of different types of law firm from across the whole of the UK. Our legal directories expertise has enabled us to expand our reach beyond the boutiques we have traditionally served with our PR and media relations services, and as a result we have a very detailed understanding of the issues facing law firms (of all sizes and set up). So if you have responsibility for legal directories, in whatever capacity, and you’d like to benefit from our years of expertise – drop us a line to book your Audit today. We can discuss any of the challenges you are currently facing, and we’d be delighted to help where we can with advice and suggestions to make your life easier. Get in touch now.

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