An Introduction to Video for Lawyers

Are you on the fence about video? Do you think it’s ‘not for you’? If so, don’t bother reading on. If, however, you think that video is a great bridge between knowing ‘about’ somebody and starting to actually get to know and perhaps even like, trust, or be ready to buy from them – then read on and watch the video below… I strongly believe that in these current times; when we are quite simply unable to get out and network, meet for coffee, have a beer or chat at a conference, we NEED to find different ways of engaging and creating new relationships. My biggest challenge recently has been trying to get in front of the people who have watched our webinars, downloaded our written content and subscribed to our newsletters. In order to grow my business, I would normally drop them a line, suggest a coffee and meet them. I can’t do that now, and it’s quite difficult to book a Zoom with somebody who doesn’t know you, doesn’t like you, has no reason to trust you and probably things you’re going to sell to them. Eek. So what am I doing? I’m trying to create videos that bridge that gap and help people to start to get to know me, even though we may not have met in real life or even via a screen. My videos are not super-corporate, majorly glossy and nor do I look like film star in them (wrinkles and frizzy hair – I’ve seen you!) However – they are, like me, very human; engaging if you buy into my personality, and reflect how I work and present myself in real life. All of these elements are very important. This new type of video is about trying to take people from ‘know about’ to start to ‘know’ (and ideally into ‘trust’ and then ‘ready to buy from’ (at some point in the future). These videos are not so much about impressing – they are about cutting through. If this type of video content is something that you’d like to know more about and you’d like to try and create some of it yourself, then do yourself a favour and book on to our lunchtime course: An Introduction to Video Content for Lawyers. Our course is an hour-long lunchtime session run by myself and our media training specialist, ex-BBC journalist Fiona. At the session you will learn both the technical know-how to enable you to create your own engaging videos – including how to present yourself and your surroundings, where to position the camera, how to come across well. We’ll also cover the marketing elements of good video – how to use content effectively to engage with your audiences, where and how to share and how to generate engagement. There will be a live in-session Q&A where you can ask Fiona or I anything you like about video, marketing, business development. And best of all, you can bring your sandwiches.

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