Chambers and Partners: introducing LexRex’s exclusive toolkit

As you will have no doubt seen, we’ve been extremely busy here at LexRex over the past few months. Our recent Trusted Partner series of webinars created a lot of content and support for law firms; but that isn’t the only thing we’ve been working on. Our latest initiative is a project called LexRexLITE. We can’t reveal too much about it yet, as it is still very much a work in progress. However, as part of the LexRexLITE project I’m absolutely delighted to announce the launch of our unique product, The LexRexLITE Chambers and Partners Toolkit. The Chambers and Partners Toolkit is essentially the LexRex team’s extensive Chambers knowledge and experience distilled into a series of DIY resources, guides and video content. I’m confident that every marketing manager or lawyer with responsibility for creating Chambers submissions for their firm or practice area will take a huge amount of value from this product. I’m tempted to back this up with a money-back guarantee if it’s not the case (I think I’ve just decided to do that). Order your toolkit by emailing: It’s worthwhile also noting that the content also works for Legal 500 submissions, so kills two birds with one stone! The launch of the LexRex Chambers and Partners comes at a time when we know law firms are starting to gear up for submissions seasons, and accordingly, we are delighted to also announce that the Chambers editors have agreed to co-host a breakfast seminar with us, for the second year running. LexRex: In Conversation with… Chambers and Partners: Thursday 24th September, 1.00 – 2.00. Reserve your place Last year’s face-to-face session in Manchester was a huge success, and we were actually discussing taking it ‘on the road’ this year. Clearly coronavirus has stymied that plan, but I’m confident that our online session will work just as well – in fact, probably better as we won’t have to worry about where to put everybody! If you’d like to attend our Chambers webinar – please book your place here. To BUY the LexRexLITE Chambers and Partners Toolkit with your money-back guarantee: get in touch:

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