LexRex Trusted Partner webinar: Getting business development back on track

We are delighted to now share the final webinar in our LexRex: Trusted Partner series. As we’ve explained previously, we created Trusted Partner at the very start of lockdown when we realised that the legal sector would be facing huge challenges as the UK economy slowed, and in some sectors completely closed down. We wanted to support our clients and friends across the legal sector, creating a series of webinars on the issues we knew were keeping lawyers up at night. We wanted to end the series on a high; and business development is just about the most positive and optimistic topic out there for enterprise. Indeed, many practices are starting to realise that whilst times are challenging, now is also a period of opportunity for those who know how to prepare and be ready for growth. In this webinar we caught up with Alistair Marshall of Professional Services BD. You can download Alistair’s e-book: 10 Immediate Actions to Generate Revenue & Cash. We are also signposting to some of the books we discussed during the webinar. Victoria recommended a book called: Key Person of Influence by Daniel Priestley. Alistair recommended a booked called: Start with Why by Simon Sinek.

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