LexRex strategy day… dispatches from the coal face

On Monday 8th July, the LexRex team met en masse for a strategy day. On the agenda was growth, growth and more growth! Team building was also something we had decided to concentrate on, along with training for the most recent addition to the team, Asana.

We wanted to hold our session in a nice venue, and The Principal hotel in Manchester didn’t disappoint. Squishy sofas, good coffee and lots of natural light kept us all happy; LexRex’s photographer Kenny took some amazing action shots along with head shots of our in-house VA / PA Kate and operations guru Sarah.

Trip Report

After a brew, the first stop was the trip report. This was recommended to me by one of my fellow NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator cohorts and basically involved us all talking about our favourite ever holiday destination or experiences. Florence, Venice, New York and Sao Paulo all featured – we’re a well travelled bunch apparently.

Amazing Asana

Next on the agenda was the Asana training. I’ve been looking for something to give me an overview of what everybody is working on, set and track tasks and deadlines, and a depository for the never ending mini to-do’s to replace my faithful post-it notes / Filofax.

Asana has achieved all of this and more, and we now also have embedded systems for new starters and new clients that we can just copy and paste as needed. Sarah  (Operations) has done such a great job of taking my brief and turning it into an actual real-life solution. We are now a bunch of Asana fans and geek out quite regularly over what a life changer it is…

Post-Asana training, we sat down for a spot of mapping and strategy creation, coming up with some really exciting PR, marketing and sales tactics for LexRex – underpinned by a super, measurable strategy of course. More on this front coming soon; keep your eyes peeled.

Escape the Van

Later on, and quite possibly the highlight of our day, we took part in Escape The Van; a mini-escape room on wheels. Don’t be fooled into thinking that small means easy though, it was tough. But being the naturally epic team that we are, the LexRex gals escaped with time to spare (4.45 minutes to be precise), The feedback from our host was that we were great communicators, and listened each time a team member had something to say. Good job we work in comms right…!?

Post-Escape it was time to defrag; a couple of drinks back at The Refuge and then home. We had a super day and it was really fab to be able to bring the team together and focus on what I’m trying to achieve with the business, and agree upon how we are going to deliver. And best of all, it was a really fun day with loads of laughs.

If you want to see some action shots of our strategy day – check out our LinkedIn video.

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About LexRex

LexRex Communications is a boutique PR agency serving the legal services market. Working in partnership with boutique law firms and businesses that serve the legal profession, our team is passionate about the law and its practice.

Managing director and founder of LexRex Communications Ltd, Victoria Moffatt is a former solicitor turned legal PR specialist. She practised in South Yorkshire and Leeds over the course of her 6 year legal career.

Victoria honed her PR skills at some of the UK’s leading and award-winning PR agencies in Manchester; working across a variety of prestigious law firm accounts including regional big-hitters and Top 100 firms.

Driven by great communications and measurable results, Victoria loves creating and implementing bespoke campaigns. Her strengths include understanding exactly what clients want to achieve, and creating strategies that meet their objectives.

LexRex is singularly focused on helping the legal services industry stay in the news, for the right reasons.

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You can also contact us on 0161 393 6121 or email us on info@lexrexcommunications.com

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