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What happens in a radio interview?


What happens in a radio interview? It’s a question I’m asked a lot when I’ve placed clients on various regional and national radio shows. And I was recently able to bag my own opportunity to talk about an area I know lots about – working from home.

Having worked from home for nearly seven years, it’s something I’m used to doing, and I have A LOT of processes in place to enable me to squeeze every last second out of my working day. Ironically, my success on this front has now led to me needing some support (check out the job description here – just in case you know the perfect person!) And of course employees tend to mean premises – so my working from home days are now probably numbered.

Anyway, long story short – BBC Radio 5Live put out a #journorequest on Twitter recently asking for homeworkers to get in touch – which I did (please do leave a comment or give me a shout if a post on #journorequest would be helpful!)

The researcher and I arranged a phone call and then chatted about my three ‘top tips’ for homeworkers. I was then scheduled into the Wake up to Money programme for the following morning. It’s well worth a listen if you’re an early riser btw.

After the event, I shared a post on LinkedIn and several people were interested to know – what actually happens when you speak on the radio? So here’s my blow by blow account. It’s worthwhile noting that some opportunities, such as longer expert interviews, may require a visit to the studio. I was able to contribute over the phone from my house.

Slightly unfortunately for my sleep regime, my slot was at 5.50 am which necessitated an early start. It isn’t uncommon for ‘normal’ people (i.e. not celebs) to have to fill unsociable slots, so it does rather go with the territory. After a quick brew, the producer called me at around 5.40 and kept me on the line. I could hear the live show through the microphone.

The producer and I had a quick chat and she explained that I would wait around 5 minutes, and would then be dialled directly into the show. Sure enough, I was dialled in right on cue, and introduced. I was asked for my top tip on working from home. I actually gave three top tips, which is what I’d been briefed to do. I was on air for no more than a minute or so, and the whole thing was very simple.

In case you haven’t spotted it – you can listen to the segment by clicking on the play button at the top of this post.

Like anything, radio appearances improve the more that you do them! And it is important to ensure you sound natural and not like you have over-practised. I think I perhaps need to cut down on my ‘err’s and ‘y’knows’ but actually, these intonations tend to buy me thinking time. So it’s a balancing act.

Being perfectly honest, I think radio is an absolutely fantastic route into the media, and it is usually much easier to score an expert spot on the radio than it is on TV, for example. Radio often has huge reach, and the social media kudos that can generated after a radio appearance is huge (for example my original post on LinkedIn has, at the time of writing this, had more than 1700 views, which is not to be sniffed at).

Anyway, I hope this account of my experience of speaking on the radio has been helpful, and if you are wondering whether media relations (i.e. this) could help with any aspect of your business – please leave a comment or get in touch.

Victoria Moffatt is the founder and managing director of LexRex Communications, and a former solicitor.

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