The Importance of Being Yourself on Twitter

Another week, another post on Twitter. They just keep on coming… Feel free to complain to the management. It’s a pretty short one this time though.

Anyway, over the last seven days, I got thinking about Twitter (again) and in particular my most recent post about how I use Twitter to build lasting relationships. That particular piece made me stop for a moment, and think about the importance of being ‘yourself’ on Twitter.

So, do people do this? I’m not sure. I suspect that many of the lawyers I see on Twitter are there because they think they should be, and I do see a lot of streams that I just think – ‘really – why bother’. They are typically made up of RTs, don’t really involve any interaction with other accounts, are rarely used and are frankly boring. It’s a bit like going to a party and refusing to speak to anybody – you’re there, but you’re not. If you see what I mean.

So in a roundabout way, I think what I’m saying is this: to be the belle of the Twitter ball, a sparkling, sociable Twitter-ite; just try to inject a little personality into your tweets. I know we can’t all be on Twitter 24/7 – in fact, I often miss the 5 – 10 tweets per day minimum as spouted by a variety of social media ‘gurus’…

Views, anyone?

By Victoria Moffatt

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